Soul Body Alignment

Intuitive & Transformational Bodywork

  • Do you feel burdened by your to do list?
  • Are you feeling an energetic funk weighing you down & you just can't shake it? 
  • Do you feel like mindfulness and inner peace are elusive things that you can't find because your life is so full on?
  • Perhaps you've been doing mindset work to clear your limiting beliefs and manage your emotions, yet your body didn't get the memo that it's time to let that crap go and is hanging on to your old stories?

The truth is, while the mental and emotional work are super important, they are only a piece of the puzzle.

Releasing our blocks & limiting beliefs is a necessary step to raising our vibration, but the energy behind those beliefs can hang around in our body and leave us feeling depleted, so we need to clear that too.

It is important to release our old heavy energetic deficit & unfinished business so you can make space for anchoring in the new and vital energy.

A Soul Body Alignment session could be just what you need to come into your centre and let go of the burdensome energy you are carrying in your body, so you can feel vital and uplifted!

That is the purpose of  A
soul Body Alignment
Intuitive Bodywork Session

Hi, I'm Kelly. It would be my honour to take you on this wonderful journey of energy clearing and alignment.

During the Soul Body Alignment session, we will be using Intuitive Massage and Vibrational Healing to

clear heavy energy from your body, to create spaciousness for fresh & vital energy so you can get your mojo back!

This is exactly what I need!

As you move through your day to day life as a woman, you hold and carry so much. 

You carry much of the mental load of your home.

At any given moment, you are juggling what needs to be done, who needs to be where and who is feeling what?

You put out the fires and hold space for those who need it, all whilst you manage to go to work because hey, bills gotta be paid right?

Then, you carry the physical load of the home also.

Getting your chores done and doing your best to be the constant motivator of everyone else to make sure they pull their weight too, (or if you're too tired to motivate everyone else you do it all yourself) all the while praying that someone doesn't just drop in unannounced. *GASP!

And what happens at the end of the day 
when no one needs anything else from you?

Do you have enough mojo left to give yourself the 'yoga, mindfulness, turmeric latte, green juice, whole food vegan salad treatment' you know you should?

Or, do you want to flop on the couch with a big bag of chips, a glass of wine and watch Netflix until you are sufficiently numbed, then crawl into bed so you can get up and do it all again the next day?

When you wake up though, you are carrying an energetic deficit from the previous day and you hold it in your body.

You hold everything you didn't get done, all the things you didn't say and everything you avoided feeling. So, instead of feeling refreshed from your sleep, you feel like you have an energetic hang over.

You throw it in your back pack and carry it with you and it weighs you down as you move through this day.

It feels like a never ending spiral and I want to tell you that you are not alone!

Many of the women I help are experiencing this exact same thing.

Letting go of the energy and stories from your past experiences is one of the best things you can do for yourself, so you can feel the vitality you crave at the beginning of each new day.

More than just putting it behind you and starting a new day, you can learn to connect with what you need to let go of and release it from your body as well as your mind, so you can have a clear vessel with enough spaciousness to draw in all that energy and passion you are craving.

Your body is a microphone for the voice of your soul.

Learning to understand it's language, be present and connected to it, be guided by it and keep it clear, is such a beautiful way to honour your soul and practice self love.

What does a soul body alignment session involve?

  • Soul Body Alignment is a journey through the body to clear what is holding you back from your highest potential, so you can feel more energised and be free to shine your light on each new day
  • During A Soul Body Alignment session we tune into your body, listen to its messages and bring our attention to those areas that need to be cleared.
  • We do this using guided visualisation, intuitive massage and vibrational healing with sound, pure essential oils and crystals so you can have a complete energetic clearing and upgrade.
  • If you want to have more than just a massage, so you can walk away feeling amazing, nurtured, uplifted and energised, a Soul Body Alignment session is for you. 
  • If the sound of this has awakened something in you and your body is screaming 'Yes!', why not book yourself in for a session so you can shed those heavy layers of crap that just aren't you and come home to your vibrant and vital self.

Yes, it's time!

Kelly Paris

As an Intuitive Healer, Visionary and Soul Purpose Mentor, my greatest joy is supporting women to cultivate their passion and develop their divine gifts so they can feel connected to their souls purpose and live their dream life.