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From the time I was a young girl, I remember going along to a weekly meditation class with my Mum in the evening.

Most of the time I would drift effortlessly off to sleep and I really had no idea what the purpose of that class was or what foundations were being laid for me at that time, I was just a little girl going where Mum went.

I loved it so much though, that Mum got me a Louise Hay morning and evening meditation cassette tape (yes, I’m that old!) to put on every night at bedtime so I could be doing guided meditations daily, instead of weekly.

Fast forward 30 years and add in a whole lot of adult stress and trauma. Plus a good dose of study and education around healing, human anatomy and in particular, the nervous system.

I now find myself obsessed with frequency, vibration and its impact on our energetic and physical anatomy.

Enter Tahlee - music composer and creatrix for Sonesence.

Tahlee creates music called meditones, that help you to produce calm brainwaves.

Tahlee has received hundreds of testimonials from ecstatic fans who have overcome insomnia, anxiety, and even given birth with ease after ongoing use of her meditones.

How does that even work?

Like I said, meditones help you produce calm brainwaves.

Which means that as you use them, your brain is rewiring itself to be more calm and resilient.

This is because of the science of neuroplasticity.

Years ago, scientists believed that we were born with a finite number of neurons (brain cells) that died as we aged.

However, we now know that the brain is constantly changing and adapting to its environment.

Your brain has infinite potential for transformative change.

When you use meditones, you expose your brain to calm, focused states of consciousness.

Then, your brain adapts to that calm environment, making it easier to become and stay relaxed.

The more you use meditones, the stronger those calm neural pathways become. They physically become thicker through repetition.

Imagine your brain as a large field of tall grass.

There are a few different pathways across the field.

Some are well worn paths, others are slightly overgrown, and there are large patches of thick, impenetrable grass.

Which path are you going to choose to cross the field?

The easiest solution is to choose the well worn path. Right?

The same is true for your brain. It LOVES efficiency.

So it's much easier for the brain to choose a pathway that is thick and strong.

And if you've had strong pathways based on stress, it's easier for your brain to choose those habitual stressful responses.

That's why sometimes it feels so hard to break a habit, to change a pattern. It's why sometimes you feel screamingly stuck.

And it’s also why meditones are so incredible.

Because all you have to do is put on your headphones, and within just a few minutes, your brain will start producing calm brainwaves. Effortlessly.

And the more you form calm neural pathways, the more your brain naturally chooses calm responses instead.

Meditones help you become the calmest person you know.

If you’re all ‘I want that in my life Kelly!’, you can check then out at Sonesence.

Or, if you’re like me and want to know exactly how that even works, read on.

There are 4 major brain wave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

You’re always producing all of these brain waves but you become dominant in one type depending on your activity.

BETA: naturally present while you're awake and actively engaged. Benefits include alert focus, and logical thinking.

ALPHA: naturally present during day dreaming and relaxed focus. Benefits include deep calm and blissful meditation.

THETA: naturally present during REM sleep. Benefits include enhanced creative flow, enhanced intuition and subconscious healing.

DELTA: naturally present during deep, restorative sleep. Benefits include expanded awareness, deep healing, and emotional wholeness.

Brain waves are measured in Hertz.

Sound waves are also measured in Hertz.

This means we can use sound waves to stimulate brain waves at the same frequency.

And this is how meditones work...

Ready to geek out with me?

Beta Waves are measure at 13-30 Hz
Alpha Waves are measured at 8-13 Hz
Theta Waves are measured at 4-8 Hz
Delta Waves are measured at 1-4 Hz

A vibration is created when two slightly different frequencies of pure sound are combined.

For example: One frequency of 440 Hertz and another frequency of 430 Hertz produces a vibration of 10 Hertz (440 – 430 = 10).

Science boffins call these vibrations binaural beats, but Tahlee calls them meditones because they're tones that help you meditate.

When you present these two frequencies or meditones to each ear with a pair of headphones, the brain begins to synchronise to that vibration.

Which means, when you listen to meditones of 10Hz, your brain will produce brain waves of 10Hz or Alpha brain waves.

And this is how meditones take you into a blissful state of calm. Effortlessly.

A few important things to remember:

1. Meditones only work with headphones. This is because the brain processes them differently to normal sound.
2. Meditones stimulate neural activity, so they’re not suitable for people with epilepsy or seizures. If this is you, you can listen to the music on speakers, just not with headphones.
3. Closed headphones that cover the whole ear, rather than earbuds that sit inside the ear, give you a superior meditones experience. This is because closed headphones have a better frequency range and also help to block outside sound.

Tahlees’ zone of genius is translating emotions into sound.

Combining emotive music with Alpha, Theta & Delta meditones makes for a powerful experience.

And when you know how you want to feel, you'll know which meditones album is right for you.

I highly recommend you head on over and check out her music. It really is beautiful.

Go to

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I hope this post has helped you understand meditones more and inspired you to get meditating soon!

If you have any questions about meditones, you can find Tahlee on:
Instagram: @sonesence_music Facebook: @sonesence

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