Intuitive Massage & Transformative Bodywork

For soulful, neurodivergent women who want to 

feel nurtured and supported.

For many neurotypes, daily life itself can be enough to cause large amounts of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation and pain.

Living in a world that was not designed to accommodate our sensitivities and sensory processing challenges can feel traumatic and cause our nervous system to be stuck in a hypervigilant state. 

We aren’t meant to exist in this state for extended periods of time!

Doing so can cause a cascade of stress hormones and

physical symptoms to occur in our bodies.

If you have been living with persistent pain or anxiety, or have been struggling with your mobility or sleep patterns, you may find massage to be a beneficial and much needed part of your nurturing self care practice.

As an ADHDer, Highly Sensitive Person, Empath with Sensory Processing Disorder and Interoceptive challenges, my lived experience makes me uniquely positioned to support your diverse physical needs. As a qualified Myotherapist with more than 20 years experience, I would love nothing more than to care for you in this way.

I offer massage sessions from my home in Chelsea Heights

and bookings can be made online HERE:

Massage sessions & Pricing:

Remedial Massage 

60 minutes = $90.00

90 minutes = $130.00

Whilst this service is classified as remedial, please know that I tailor your treatment specifically to your unique needs as a whole and how your body presents itself to me on the day of your treatment.

This is the beauty of individual nourishment and care - the fullness of my expertise will meet you exactly where you’re at.

When we meet, if this is your first appointment with me, I will take a detailed history and you will have the opportunity to share with me anything you feel may be relevant to your own personal needs.

We will then check in with your body and feel into what the best outcome might be for you on that day. This is an invitation to be still, listen and feel into what your body needs and desires most.  

It is also an invitation for you to delve deeper into the relationship you have with your body than you ever have before and understand the unique power of listening to its unique way of communicating.

This may range from focusing on a specific issue that is inhibiting your daily ability to function without pain, to providing a holistic treatment that allows the many systems in your body to shift into a calm and restful state, or any combination of both.

I will be agile and adaptable to your needs as they present themselves, without ever being attached to any one single treatment style.

From there, you relax and I begin! 

Book your session online HERE or, if you have questions please feel free to DM me HERE on Instagram.

Your body is the microphone for the whispers of your soul.”

Still not sure if it's for you?

I'm more than happy to chat and answer any of your questions to see if it's a good fit for you. 

Please reach out to me HERE and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Kelly Paris

As an Intuitive Life Coach & Bodyworker, I love supporting ADHDers and neurodivergent women to love, accept and nurture their fast brains so they can live with clarity and confidence.

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