Living Sacred

Posted in  Lifestyle   on  July 9, 2018 by  Kelly Paris0
What does it mean to live a sacred and spirited life?

Is it meditation, oracle cards, candles and crystals?

Or is there something more?

I love all of those beautiful pieces of my life that help me to feel connected to my higher self through their sheer beauty.

This happens because at our core we are all beings of such extraordinary beauty and love that we are drawn to those things that remind us of that.

We feel resonance with them and so we love to surround ourselves with these things to help us enjoy our lives a little more.

And there's nothing wrong with that. It's all lovely and helps create a our magical and rich life tapestry.

The 'something else' though, is that you could take all my beautiful things away and I would still feel that beauty.

Because the sacred life is not bound to things but can be found around us.

It is far more to do with the way we live, the way we connect, the way we move through our life from one moment to the next with the purpose and intent to walk with beauty.

It can be found in the miracle of a tree bearing fruit, a bee collecting pollen, a child using their imagination, a smile from your neighbor, a hug from a friend, the touch of your lover, or a look in the mirror.

Knowing that we can see, feel and experience such beauty, because we ARE that beauty.

We have everything we need within us already.

The gift of our remembrance is what makes our life sacred.

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Kelly Paris

Kelly Paris is an Intuitive Healer, Visionary and Confidence Catalyst, whos greatest joy is supporting women to connect to their intuition and develop their divine gifts so they can create their own unique version of success.

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