If you are stuck on creating an effective lead magnet and are going around in circles trying to create a fancy funnel like all the cool kids are doing, I can help you make it really simple and get it done fast so you can get back to the work you love.

Or maybe you already have a funnel but you feel like somethings missing because it’s just not converting like the guru’s told you it should. I can put a fresh set of eyes on it for you and iron out the kinks to get it running smoothly again.

I will go through your funnel with your clients eyes in mind and make sure that it flows well from end to end, so you can focus on your marketing and client work.

What would that look like?

I’m glad you asked.

If you’re a DIY kinda person, we can do a single strategy session where we meet, we plan and then you go away and implement.

If you like more accountability but don’t have the budget for a complete ‘done for you’ funnel, we we can meet for a strategy and funnel mapping session where we plan your funnel from end to end.

Then, we work together within a set time frame to get the work done. You are implementing the work and I am acting as your own personal motivator and project manager. I keep the project moving forward, advise you along the way when you hit tech obstacles, get my pom poms out when you feel stuck or are resisting your success.

Basically, your strategist, consultant and cheerleader all in one.

If you want the whole shebang we can have the strategy and planning session.

You provide me with the content and I build out your funnel for you from end to end. I take care of the implementation so you don’t have to worry yourself about any of it.

Investment starts at $397 - $1997 depending on how much of the work you want to hand over to me.

If you’d like to book a 15 minute complimentary compatibility session, do that here and we can see if we are a good match.