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Can your desire be strangling your success?

I don’t know about you but I’m so addicted to lots of things. My brain just loves dopamine and it has lots of clever little ways to get it. Like the little notification of a new message, any food that turns to glucose quickly once consumed, the feeling of seeing a familiar TV character from my current […]

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Becoming Consciously Confident

I used to be very confident as a child but as I grew up, the harshness of living life as a highly sensitive and intuitive young woman took its toll on me.I quickly learned that keeping quiet and playing small was an extremely effective way to prevent myself from experiencing the onslaught of pain and […]

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Living Sacred

What does it mean to live a sacred and spirited life?Is it meditation, oracle cards, candles and crystals?Or is there something more?I love all of those beautiful pieces of my life that help me to feel connected to my higher self through their sheer beauty.This happens because at our core we are all beings of […]

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