Becoming Consciously Confident

Posted in  Lifestyle   on  July 15, 2018 by  Kelly Paris0
I used to be very confident as a child but as I grew up, the harshness of living life as a highly sensitive and intuitive young woman took its toll on me.

I quickly learned that keeping quiet and playing small was an extremely effective way to prevent myself from experiencing the onslaught of pain and suffering that came when I put myself out there and wasn't well received.

If you are an intuitive or sensitive soul (which I'm guessing you are cause you're in my circle), then this is probably sounding all too familiar right?

The thing is, playing small and hiding in my treatment room, only sharing things when I was certain they would be loved and accepted, didn't really prevent my pain and struggle.

My ego taught me this was the way to feel safe and secure but what it really did was cause me to leave some of the best pieces of myself behind and feel like I wasn't really living the life I desired.

You know the life I'm talking about right?

The one where you get to step into the full power and expression of your glorious soul.

The life that is lead by your spirit and expressed through your heart.

Where you can confidently show up as ALL of you and know your value because you are connected to it within yourself, not seeking it outside yourself?

I've gotta tell you, this way of living feels SO much better, more meaningful and fulfilling!

The thing is, knowing all of this isn't enough.

Understanding the concepts and learning the mindsets won't get you over the line and into that place of conscious confidence.

It needs to be backed by belief so that it can be truly embodied.

That belief can only come though, when you take inspired and aligned action.

That can seem like a bit of a dilemma right?

If what you desire most is the confidence to take inspired and aligned action, yet that confidence you desire can only come by actually taking inspired and aligned action, how do you get out of that loop and into your magnetic flow?

You learn to connect to your inner wisdom, your divine truth.

You lay your ego on the table and you step into the arena of your life from a place of love and truth, knowing that from that place you are safe and will be supported.

Of course, sometimes you need a little extra support.

Sometimes you need someone to believe in you whilst you learn to believe in yourself.

Sometimes you need someone to be the wind beneath your wings whilst you learn to take flight.

If you are feeling like you could use that 'someone' in your life right now, I would love to offer you my support and services.

If you would love to have someone help you connect to your heart and your truth whilst cheerleading you through the scary parts of stepping into your power, book a session with me and start on the path to conscious confidence today with 50% off my regular pricing.

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Kelly Paris

Kelly Paris is an Intuitive Healer, Visionary and Confidence Catalyst, whos greatest joy is supporting women to connect to their intuition and develop their divine gifts so they can create their own unique version of success.

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