About Me...

I’m an intuitive business strategistmulti passionate creativesolo Mum of three young legends and a total personal growth nerd.

I get really excited when I am helping soulful, creative and driven women, connect to their inner wisdom, unleash their intuition & create joy filled lives.

When I'm not geeking out on the wonders of the human experience, you can find me having fun with my kids, communing with nature, playing with my cat & singing in the shower.

I also love avocado'ssinging the answers to my children's questions and making my friends laugh until they snort!

Wanna know more?

I've been selling my goods and services since I was four years old and received my very own and very realistic supermarket set for Christmas.

Everyone was coming to my shop because it was the best shop. 

It was also the only shop and if you were to ask any of my friends or family members what really went down in Kelly's Grocery Store, you may discover that they likely didn't even consent to being customers and I was probably the only one satisfied at the end of each transaction. 

Does that sound familiar?

As I type this out, I can think of many times where I have purchased something because of clever and persuasive marketing tactics and came away feeling a little dissatisfied and a lot gross.

In the 35 years since my first strategy of 'buy my fake stuff with your fake money or I'll ruin your day', I've learned many lessons and can happily say that I am now less like a thug and more like a lighthouse when it comes to my marketing and business strategy. 

What do lighthouses have to do with marketing?

Well, they don't go around chasing ships to guide safely to shore. 

They know what they do and they don't doubt themselves. They simply stand there shining brightly, helping the right ships at the right time.

They don't have to convince or beg the ships to let them help.

A lighthouse does it's thing all year round and the ships utilise it's brilliance on their journey, as needed.

Doesn't that sound like a far more authentic and soulful way to be of service?

If you were nodding your head just now, then let's link arms and skip off into the sunset together because you and I are totally vibing right now.

What's my experience?

I was running a six figure business when I was 20 years old and by the time I was 22, it was a seven figure business.

I've always had an aptitude for innovating, automating and marketing. It's one of those things I find incredibly exciting.

After selling our hospitality business and relocating to another state, I tried my hand at corporate work but my aquarian ascendant likes freedom far too much to be working in such a rigid and compliant way. 

So, I started my own Transformative Bodywork and Healing business, which I have had great success in and still operate part time to this day, 12 years later.

When my own health issues meant I couldn't serve people in the same capacity anymore, I had to start considering what other gifts and skills I had.

That's when an amazing friend of mine hired me to support her in her business as a project manager, marketing and automations strategist and I was on fire!

I discovered another zone of genius I didn't even know I had and am truly lit up by this work.

Now, I am blessed to offer my intuitive readings, transformational bodywork & spiritual life coaching to other amazing women.

I work best with soulful and spiritual women who seek a grounding and supporting presence in their life.

I'm the person who can help you bring your big bold life vision into the 3D.