About Me...

I’m an intuitive life coachmulti passionate creativesolo Mum of three young legends and a total personal growth nerd.

I get really excited when I am supporting neurodivergent women to love and accept their fast brains so they can live with clarity and confidence. 

When I'm not geeking out on the wonders of the human experience, you can find me having fun with my kids, communing with nature, playing with my cat & singing in the shower.

I also love avocado'ssinging the answers to my children's questions and making my friends laugh until they snort!

Wanna know more?

Well before I knew I was living with neurodivergence, I knew I had a caring heart.

For as long as I can remember, I've been taking care of others.  Not just other people.  I was caring for my cabbage patch kids and putting nappies on my snoopy stuffed toy like a pro when I was barely out of nappies myself.

Being of service and caring for others feels like a calling and, if you are like me, you'll know exactly what I am talking about.

My service has had many iterations throughout my life so far and I'm always excited to watch it grow, shift and evolve along with me.

I quickly moved on from my dolls and teddy bears and focussed on my friends at school who soon got used to me dropping crystals into their water and giving them energy healing at lunch time.  Yep.  I was that friend.

No one was at all surprised when I finished high school and moved into the healing arts to study Massage Therapy. 

Even whilst I was working to put myself through school, I was working in hospitality cooking people's dinners and serving their drinks.  And when my family purchased a hotel, I was the one who was always in the trenches serving our customers and caring for our staff. 

I just can't imagine living any other way.

Of course the flip side of service can be martyrdom.  And I've been there too!

Just because I was born to be of service, doesn't mean I had a healthy understanding of how to offer that service without sacrificing my own health, wellbeing and relationships.

Burnout seemed to be a consistent theme in my life and whilst other people so often seemed to just manage their lives and chase their dreams, I felt like I was pushing the river and getting nowhere.

Enter, ADHD diagnosis.

Until I was 40, I had never really known much about ADHD, neurodivergence or how that shows up, particularly for women.

The more I researched, read and learned from other neurodivergent people, (TikTok is my favourite!) the more it made sense and the more I have been able to understand myself, my needs, my challenges and my strengths.

As someone who is always in service, I could not sit by and remain silent on this topic knowing that there are so many other women living with ADHD in a world where there is a lot of stigma and not a lot of understanding, acceptance and accommodations.

That’s when I knew that my coaching had to shift and I wanted to do nothing more than support others like me on this path to freedom and success.

No more fitting in.

No more masking, shrinking and staying small.

No more working until we burn out!

I am here for all the messy, loud and proud moments on the road to neurodiversity in ALL spaces!

And so, if this resonates with you, if you want to jump on board this Fast Brain, Big Heart movement, please reach out to me and let’s connect!

What's my experience?

I've been working in the healing arts since I finished high school, more than 20 years ago. During that time I have clocked up over 15 000 hours of hands-on client work and worked with more than 1000 clients on their healing journey.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Sports Massage and Raynor Massage certificates. I am a Reiki Master in both Usui and Seichem disciplines, a Healing Angel Protocol Practitioner and a Beautiful You Life Coach.

Now, I am blessed to offer my intuitive massage and life coaching to other amazing women.

I work best with soulful and spiritual neurodivergent women who seek a grounding and supporting presence in their life and want to create success on their own terms without sacrificing their wellbeing.