During this Energy Healing session, we are healing at the source, with source energy.
Healing the heart of your health, career or relationship issues, raising your vibrational frequency, and elevating your consciousness so you can heal yourself.
Releasing stress to promote profound relaxation.
Helping you to let go of your ‘old story’ that no longer works for you and create a new one more in alignment with your heart and soul.

This reading allows us to tap into the messages of support that your spirit helpers and guides wish to offer you.

This is a journey that takes us into the heart of your current situation, it’s emotional impact and how it is manifesting physically in your life right now.

You can have a top of mind question or issue that you wish to seek support and guidance around ready, then let your spirit guides come forward for you.

During the transformative bodywork session, we will be
clearing heavy energy from your body using intuitive massage and vibration healing with pure essential oils and crystals, to create spaciousness for fresh & vital energy so you can get your mojo back!

Kelly is available to speak at your event, workshop, retreat and be interviewed on your podcast and social media channels.

If you are searching for a speaker who is educated, thoughtful and humorous then look no further.

With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experienceenough compassion to sink a ship and a spirit that just won't quit, Kelly delivers a highly entertaining and deeply passionate, engaging experience.

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