Lets be honest, charging by the hour in your business is limiting in many ways.

It puts a limit on your income because you can only work so many hours a week and my guess is you didn’t start your business to be working long hours anyway right?

It also puts a limit on the results you can deliver for your clients because they are able to hire you by the hour to simply help them maintain their status quo, instead of buying a package that is value based and focused on getting them to their desired outcome and ultimate transformation.

Packages help you bring about transformation in your clients life and business because both yourself and your client are now invested on the big vision and end result rather than trapped in the worry and administration that can come with hourly billing and ‘how many sessions will I need?’ thinking.

Creating an offer that is based around the results you can help your client achieve, will shift the focus away from what you are charging them per hour of work and put it squarely on how their life or business will be transformed as a result of purchasing a package from you.

Packages can work in any niche and I would love to help you create a package that delivers premium results for your clients and helps you make at least double what you earn now per hour of time you are working.

Investment: $497.00

This includes pre work to be completed by you and returned to me at least 3 business days prior to our session so I can dive into your work and better understand your business before we meet.

The pre work is:

A skills and assets audit - to get you thinking of other inclusions you can offer your client that will help create a transformation for them beyond what your current hourly sessions. This will give you so many ideas and get you thinking outside of the box in a way you never have before.

A journey to your One - to take you into the quiet space in your heart and connect you to your One. (Or your ideal client or avatar as you may also know them by.) Connecting to your inner knowing and becoming clear on exactly who you are best qualified and suited to serve will help you feel confident in creating a package that is purposeful and meaningful for your One. This is pre recorded for you and comes with a workbook.

Your wealthy mind transformation - to help you expand your capacity to receive more wealth and abundance. This journey is designed to deal with any blocks or resistance you may have around charging and earning more. We address resistance in both the mind and the body because we need to clear and expand both before we can feel aligned with our new packages.

Then we come together for:

A Co-creation session with me - where we will spend 2 hours together to create and breathe life into your new package. You will come away with your new offer all packaged up nice and pretty. With all it’s inclusions, unique value and pricing put together in a way that is exciting for both you and your potential clients.

If you feel ready to elevate your offerings and expand your capacity to receive more income, go ahead and book a free 15 minute discovery session HERE.